The Saleable Home

There are a few very important things you need to consider when selling your home. I have listed 5 of them below. The last thing you want is to not do one of these and end up being on the market forever, or even expiring.


Get past the stigma you may have about REALTORS because they are your best source to selling in a timely manner and getting a good price. Yes, they need to make money (don’t we all?), no, they all are not selfish and uncaring. Most are really hard workers who just want their clients to be happy. In today’s changing market it’s also a good idea to work with a REALTOR because they have insight into what is really happening and access to a variety of marketing tools. They also have access to other REALTORS who have buyers who may just be the perfect person to buy your home.


If you’re planning to sell, you need to be realistic about it. You need to get as much valid information as you can. Knowing how many houses are for sale in your area isn’t actually helpful. To know how long they’re been on the market at the price they’re at is helpful. Looking at previous and recent “Solds” will help to show what buyers are willing to pay for a home like yours. Again, working with a REALTOR will help with this as they will do a full CMA (Competitive Market Analysis) on your home and have additional insight on the market.


This is more than just newspaper advertising and placing your home on the MLS. There are many different vehicles that REALTORS use to market your home to the buying public. Some of them are direct mail to certain areas, which may not necessarily be your neighbourhood, think of the areas that would want to purchase your home in order to “move up” – these are the perfect place to target. Then, there is the Internet, this can include Google ads, Facebook, Century21 website (or your chosen REALTOR), and obviously the MLS system. There are many other ways and ideas, I’ve just named a few – talk to your REALTOR about their plans.


While this is one is the most inconvenient things for the seller it is also one of the most important. Keep your home in “showing” condition at all times while on the market, as you never know when your home will be shown. Try not to put stipulations on showings, like “24 hours notice needed”, and/or not using a Lock-box. If it’s going to be hard for a REALTOR to show your home, they won’t put you at the top of their list. Be as convenient as you can and remember it will only help move the process along so that you can sell and stop showing your home!!


Don’t think of this as keeping it tidy and neat. It’s more than that. First thing to think about is the “WOW” factor, you need to have at least one. Buyers need to look back on your home and remember it instead of it just being a blur because it had nothing more than rooms, walls, and furniture. Add little extras that may not stay with the home but add a good, comfortable feeling to the home. Set the table with china and a centerpiece, bring the outside in by cutting flowers from the garden and placing them in vases throughout the home, roll towels in the bathroom and wrap each with ribbon or twine. Create a feeling of magic in your home, people will walk away with a memory…and I bet a deal won’t be far behind!