Storm Shutters: Smart Hurricane Protection For Your Home

Because Nova Scotia extends far into the ocean, it’s one of the warmest places in Canada. The ocean helps to moderate temperatures there, so Nova Scotia doesn’t have an extreme range of temperatures, and it also has a long, late summer. Also because it protrudes out into the Atlantic, it is prone to tropical storms and hurricanes in late summer and autumn. There have been forty or so heavy storms, almost half of them hurricanes, making landfall in the area since records were kept. That’s about one major storm every three years.

Smart homeowners install hurricane shutters on their homes. Rolling shutters are the most convenient and practical type of shutter. They can be custom matched in color and style to your home, and have many other benefits.

Rolling shutters:

Are the most popular storm shutter available
Are easy to install on any new or existing home
Have both electric or manual operation, so even if the power goes out, you’re covered
Cover even large openings and can be made to fit any style or size window
Provide protection from heat and light and reduce sun damage to your home
Improve your insulation from heat and cold
Give you privacy
Are easy to operate
Improve security of your home
Reduce outside noises, and increase your privacy
Are very convenient if you have second story windows or have difficulty reaching windows to manually roll down shutters

If you have impact resistant glass in your windows and doors, you might believe that you don’t need to add hurricane shutters to keep your home and family safe. But this isn’t necessarily true: Impact resistant glass can still break if struck by debris thrown by the high winds during a storm, and once they are broken, the storm is going to come inside. Storm shutters added over the impact resistant glass will protect your windows further and save you the cost of an expensive replacement or repair.

Rolling shutters are a convenient storm and security protection. They can be easily matched to your home, and are unobtrusive until you close them. They can be added to existing homes or put on your windows right from construction, and they will provide you and yours with storm protection.

If you live in Nova Scotia and want to protect yourself from the frequent tropical storms and hurricanes, you should add rolling shutters to your new or existing home today. Reduce the damage caused by storms and provide your home and family with protection and peace of mind.