Security and Hurricane Protection With Rolling Hurricane Shutters

Orange Beach is part of the Alabama Gulf Coast, and it is right on the Gulf of Mexico. Tourism is a big part of the business that goes on there: Orange Beach has several championship golf courses, and fishing charters are a big attraction, along with dolphin sightseeing tours. It’s a wonderful area and a great place to live, as long as you’re fully prepared for the hurricanes that often hit the area. More than 40 significant hurricanes or tropical storms have hit the Alabama Gulf Coast, making them a target on an average of a major hurricane or tropical storm about once every three years. Meteorologists at Colorado State University have forecast an above-average season for 2010 and 2011.

Residents and smart tourists keep a watch on the Coastal Marine Forecast, a service of the Coastal Weather Research Center at the University of South Alabama. They also check out the Alabama Gulf Coast Weather page for average daily temperatures and 10-day forecasts. The weather page gives hurricane advisories and severe weather potential, keeping you aware of when bad weather is coming. The University of Alabama Libraries also offers a list of web sites to help Alabamians and others prepare for, survive, and recover from hurricanes.

Preparation is the most important part of survive and recovery from hurricanes, and to keep your homes and businesses safe. Hurricane shutters are a big part of that preparation, and rolling shutters are the best type of shutter that you can put on your home.

Rolling shutters are the most economical means of protecting your windows, your home and your family during a storm. These types of hurricane shutters also add value to your home or business, especially as potential home buyers are certainly realizing that hurricanes are increasing in Alabama.

Rolling shutters are not only the best hurricane protection you can buy, they have minimal impact on the beauty of your property. When they are not rolled down, they stay in an enclosed box above your windows or doors. When you need to roll them down for storm protection, you can manually lower them with crank handles from inside or outside the building, or you can lower them automatically with a touch of a button. A manual override is always included, so that you aren’t left without protection in case of a power outage. In addition to storm protection, rolling shutters help with security, light and sound control, and insulation, which can help reduce your power bills.

Rolling shutters:

Can be rolled down with a touch of a button
Are easily operated by one person in just minutes
Keep your home beautiful
Don’t require any storage
Are an excellent theft deterrent, as well as providing storm protection

If you live in Orange Beach or on the Alabama Gulf Coast, you should install rolling shutters today. They are the best home protection you can buy, and will keep your home and family safe from the storm. Hurricane shutters have been proven over and over again to increase the security and protection of your home.