Roll Up Garage Doors

Roll up garage doors are excellent for providing you with easy and convenient access to your garage, while providing your valuables with ample security. There are many different styles and building materials to choose from, thus giving you the opportunity to find the perfect door to fit with any decor for your home.

Roll up garage doors are available both for commercial and residential applications. The commercial garage doors tend to be very expensive as they are built to deal with industrial conditions. As a result they are built to tolerate the high traffic that may be associated with the opening and closing of the garage doors up to 100 times a day, also they are made strong enough to prevent damage from any object bumping into the door. Residential doors on the other hand are not designed to be so resilient and hence are a lot cheaper. They will normally be able to tolerate you opening and closing to the door up to 10 times and day. However unlike the commercial doors you are more than likely to receive a dent or suffer complete damage if something were to run into it.

It is very important that you take into consideration the climatic conditions and the size of your garage when choosing a door. As a result if you live in an area that is mostly sunny, you may want to choose a door that will keep the heat out and the same thing rule applies if your area is also mostly cold. Insulated roll up doors are available to grant you this option. Knowing the precise measurement for your garage door will save you any unnecessary waste in cash, as making adjustments to garage doors already purchased can be very expensive.

There are two main types of garage doors, the section roll up and the rolling steel roll up. The sectional roll up door has at least four horizontal panels which are so designed to roll up together on a track into the ceiling of garage for storage. The rolling steel roll up door on the other hand rolls up to the area above the garage door opening for storage. The latter door design is more applicable commercially, however due to its trendy style it has been made available on the residential market.

Roll up doors for your garage are made form wood, fibreglass, steel or aluminium. Wood is only used to make sectional roll up garage doors and may provide some insulation properties. Wood roll up doors may need to be painted or stained every couple of years. Fiberglass is also only used to make sectional roll up doors. This material though very attractive, is the most fragile and hence can be easily damaged if something were to run or bump into it. Steel is used to make both types of roll up doors. Due to the strength of steel, these doors are able to resist extreme damage probably obtaining just scratch as a result of being hit or bumped by anything. Aluminium used to make sectional doors. It doesn’t have the strength of the steel but is much stronger than the fibreglass. All doors must be inspected every year to ensure proper operation of moving parts.