Make That Furniture Roll, Without Reinventing the Wheel

Chairs, tables, and other furniture can be much more useful when put on casters; they can even be safer on your floors. In this article we’ll discuss adding casters to a chair, a table, and a flat-bottomed piece of furniture, like a chest.

Wood Chairs with out casters generally need to use casters with a wood stem for easy insertion. The wood stem works simply, drill a hole 3/8″ in diameter, pound in the socket, then insert the caster. The secret to getting the casters in correctly is to keep your drill true. If you have access to a drill press, this is the simplest way to insure a clean, straight hole.

Wood Tables can be tackled the same way if they have small diameter legs. If, however, they have a leg that is quite large, you may want to consider using a top plate caster. A top plate caster attaches with four bolts or lag screws. These casters, generally speaking, are heavier duty and more durable than wood stem casters. When installing a plate caster, lay the caster on the surface you wish to attach it to, mark the center of the slotted holes, then drill. We’d tell you the bit size, but caster series differ on attaching bolt size, so check the documentation on our website for the attaching bolt size. Use lag screws to attach to a wood based table.

Also, on tables, you may want to consider getting brakes for your casters. There is noting more annoying than trying to eat, and having your food slowly slide away. We’d recommend using a face or total lock brake for this application. A face brake positively locks the wheel, where a total lock brake locks the wheel and the swivel section, making it immovable.

That cedar chest in your living room is heavy and a bear to move. You might want to add casters to that as well. Consider using a light duty plate caster, probably 3″ in diameter. Start by emptying the chest and flipping it over. With your casters in hand, lay them on each of the four corners. Be careful, casters mounted too closely to the edges, if they have a valence, will not swivel properly. Hold the top plate in position and make sure you have complete, un-interrupted rotation. Then mark and drill the holes. You’ll attach these using a bolt and nut, they don’t need to be too long, and make sure that you are using a carriage bolt, this way, you don’t damage your goods in the box. Bolt the casters on and, voila, you’re done.

Adding casters is simple when you ask the experts and Caster Specialists. Give us a call at 800-836-0630, we’ll help you keep your home rolling!