Keep Your Home Safe With Storm Shutters

New Brunswick is one of Canada’s three Maritime provinces, and has a significant seacoast. It’s the gateway to Atlantic Canada. Tourism is a big part of the economy, and whale-watching is a huge part of that. The Bay of Fundy in southwestern New Brunswick is a rich feeding ground for whales and is one of the world’s most accessible sites for viewing them.

The area is also very prone to storms and hurricanes because of its extensive coastline. Just recently, in fact, a storm knocked out power to tens of thousands of residents across Atlantic Canada. Nearly 45,000 homes and businesses lost power during the storm. The area was slammed by 160 kilometer per hour winds, and extensive flooding was caused by a storm surge. A state of emergency was declared after homes and businesses were flooded, and storm surge pushed water levels up.

Meteorologists and other weather experts agree that coastal areas of the United States and Canada may be facing serious hurricane activity for the next 15 to 20 years. That means a vicious cycle of destruction and cleanup for those living along the coast. Smart homeowners in New Brunswick are installing storm or hurricane shutters on their homes.

Impact-resistant windows and doors offer protection from flying debris and high winds, but are a lot more expensive: They cost up to three times more than storm shutters. Storm shutters also offer protection from debris during a hurricane, but they also protect against water infiltration and keep pressure changes during a storm from destroying your home.

You can use a combination of shutter systems to meet your needs. Each product has its own unique benefits, and may be tailored to fit your home and aesthetics.

Different Types of shutters you may use on your home:

Bahama Shutters – attach at the top of windows and provide shade when not closed and protecting your home.
Roll-down shutters – most conveniently close at the touch of a button and when not in use are practically unnoticeable.
Accordion shutters – attach at the sides and fold out accordion-style when you need to make your home storm ready.
Colonial shutters – very old-world type of shutter, popular in the Southern United States. A two-part shutter attached in the middle.

No matter what type of hurricane shutter that you choose, if you live in New Brunswick you should have them on your home. Hurricane shutters not only offer protection from debris thrown by the storm, they protect your home from water damage and pressure changes that happen during hurricanes and tropical storms.